If you are looking for some great vegan dining reviews of  Gasparilla Grill, Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luau, Sunshine Seasons Cafe, Chefs De France, Chef Mickey’s, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Back Lot Express, El Pirata y el Perico, 1900 Park Fare, Boma & O’hana, then look  no further than Vegan Satori.

Follow this practicing Buddhist through 9 days of vegan eats at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  Complete with photos, this very well written, detailed blog post by Vegan Satori will leave you hungry and dialing 407-WDISNEY to book your next trip.    Thanks to Vegan Satori for giving me the heads up on this great resource.


What is Kaki Gori you ask?  It is finely shaved ice drenched in a sweet fruit syrup, served in a paper cone.  It is the Japanese version of a sno-cone, but so much better!  Find the little food cart in Japan at EPCOT to get yours.  My family of four shared two of them (both strawberry flavored), they are quite big.  We waited for quite a long time to get them, about 15 minutes, but it was absolutely worth it!

There are three flavors of Kaki Gori to choose from:  strawberry(red), honeydew melon (green), or tangerine (orange).  You have the choice of getting all one flavor or getting the rainbow of all three in one cone.

Have you had Kaki Gori?  Leave a comment and let us know your favorite flavor!


Kaki Gori Stand Pics

Sunshine Seasons Sign

Sunshine Seasons Sign

What more could a vegan ask for?  I stumbled up on this counter service location while waiting for my party to ride Soarin’.  The kitchens were not yet open, but they had the best selection of “Grab and Go” food in the World!  We found a delicious vegan hummus wrap, chocolate soy milk and pretzels.  I then discovered some vegan sushi, and went back for that, too!

Sunshine Seasons was the best selection we had for QS (Counter Service) on our whole trip, and half of the place was not even opened yet!  As with all places in Disney, ask the to speak to the chef if you cannot read a label.  The menu that day showed black bean soup.  We asked to speak with a chef to find out if it was vegan, but we were told to wait until opening to ask.  We didn’t stay long enough to find out.

All Ears.net has a partial menu for Sunshine Seasons.  Have you eaten at Sunshine Seasons?  Leave a comment with your review or a link to your review on your blog/message board!