It is possible to eat vegan while staying at the Club Level at Disney Resorts.  I  spoke with the Polynesian today and told them we had allergies and would like alternative foods for those allergies at the Club Level during our stay.

The CM said it would be no problem.  I was told to call the front desk of the resort hotel 10 days before arrival and make a note of these allergies with the CM.  Then, confirm at check in.  To get the vegan (allergy-free)  food during the stay, I was told to talk with the kitchen staff/chefs in the Club Level each day.  They will order something in such as vegan desserts, snacks, etc.

I have not found anyone who has done this, but we will be putting it to the test on our next trip (December 2009 or Jan 2010, depending on available discounts).  Have you had allergy-free food in the Club Level before?  Have you called a resort and inquired about this very thing?  If so, what were you told?

In January 2009 I asked the Polynesian Club Level chef for soy milk.  She went in the back and came out with a plain silk soymilk.  The next day I asked for chocolate soy milk (they had chocolate dairy milk, so I tried) but they said no.  I was a little shocked, because they carry it in Captain Cooks right next door.  Maybe if I would have asked at the concierge desk they would have gotten it for me?  Instead we paid like about $2.50 for each one when we went to Captain Cook’s.  If we go back and stay at the Club Level, we will be sure to call in advance for vegan food options.