Not only are these things VEGAN, but they are also GLUTEN FREE! Thank you Frito Lay! Click on the link to read the ingredients.

I have not heard if they are at Disney World yet, but I will let you know as soon as I find out.  They have been in Canada for quite some time, but are just now coming to the US.

Review – Peta

UPDATED 04/02/2009:  I am still trying to find out if they carry these at WDW.  However, I went to my local grocer and saw Doritos were 1/2 off, and at the bottom of the display were these pretty purple packages.  (I bought 2 on impulse!)  My preschool-aged kids didn’t like them, they were way too spicy.  But my husband and I were in awe of how “good” Doritos taste after not having them for years!  They are still chemically altered junk food, but it is nice to have the vegan option.