What is Kaki Gori you ask?  It is finely shaved ice drenched in a sweet fruit syrup, served in a paper cone.  It is the Japanese version of a sno-cone, but so much better!  Find the little food cart in Japan at EPCOT to get yours.  My family of four shared two of them (both strawberry flavored), they are quite big.  We waited for quite a long time to get them, about 15 minutes, but it was absolutely worth it!

There are three flavors of Kaki Gori to choose from:  strawberry(red), honeydew melon (green), or tangerine (orange).  You have the choice of getting all one flavor or getting the rainbow of all three in one cone.

Have you had Kaki Gori?  Leave a comment and let us know your favorite flavor!


Kaki Gori Stand Pics