Hello and Welcome!  This blog has been created due to a lack of easily accessible current information on what vegan foods can be found in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  There is quite a bit of info out there out there, but it is scattered around the internet and it needs an update and a central location.  I hope this blog will serve that purpose.

My vegan family of four came back from our first trip to WDW in January of 2009.  We researched and found some great info before our trip, but found we needed more info to make our trip successful.  We are getting ready to plan our next Disney vacation and will be researching more options for dining & snacks with and without preparation.  Please stayed tuned to more vegan related info!

If you have had any vegan meals at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, please leave a comment & tell us all about it!


Walt Disney Worlders